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Asian Revival College of Theology was built on the vision of its founding organization, Church of Christ Brings Revival, International, Inc. develop and mobilize Christian leaders inside the Church of the body of Christ locally and globally to fulfill the Great commission.

        In 1993, Dr. Bishop Danilo O. Bantilan started with informal training program, we called it one on one discipleship his Biblical Philosophy is “we are called to make disciples not to make members; every member is a leader and a worker.” God is good by His grace it was realized. The first informal training of making disciple was not in the class room but under on the big mango tree and  the first Subject he taught was Prayer ( Matthew 6: 5-14).In short this informal training program was so effective as he had obeyed the great commission of our Lord Jesus.

        1n 1998 the disciples was increased in numbers, he make it in a dual approached, class room setting and house to house type  of training,   a means of mentoring them. The class scheduled was every night sought for the lay leaders who have called for the ministry could able to pursue their studies and fulfill their calling. They can able to attend the classes after their office hour or after from their work. By the grace of God, it’s proved very effective in the field of specific ministry that the Lord has been entrusted to them. Recently, Some disciples were given an assignment in every part of the Globe according of their spiritual gifts, some has given an assignment in Visayas, Luzon, Mindanao and even in Seoul South Korea.

       In June 2008 there was a transition program of the Church of Christ Brings Revival, Inc. We made a great decision to build a best College of Theology here in Mindanao to meet the greatest demand of workers into the harvest field and with a competitive program of education for the advancement of God’s Kingdom; emphasizing an in-depth study of the Scripture and fulfilling the mandate of the Lord to Bring Revival, and produce a quality and quantity disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and demonstrating God’s manifest presence in this generation. Asian Revival College of Theology was established to answer the greatest quality of workers in body of Christ. The world is advancing with their knowledge and technologies. To reach out them we need to have an in depth and balance Christian living. Academically, spiritually, and practically, before going and reaching the world to Christ.

Informal training but systematic:

        One on one discipleship making; making twelve disciples.

        Formal Training; student could earn a CREDIT degree:

        Bachelor and Master's Degree and even in Doctoral level through online study; no need to leave from their home.

The ARCT started with fourteen students last 2008, fully committed to be equipped spiritually and academically, but now is fast growing locally and Internationally.






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