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Quotes Testimony I gave my life to the Lord when I was still young, I asked Jesus to save me. Satan destroyed me, then I was confused that God does not care nor see. I din't care to pray God. On my sickness bed, I prayed the Sinner's Prayer: Jesus himself came into my heart and saved me all over again and healed me. Today I am glad to say, I am Saved- a true born-again Christian and most of all a full time working Pastor serving at Church of Christ Brings Revival, Inc., as an instrument of God to propagate His Kingdom. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! You are most worthy to be praised in all the earth! I believed by faith in the gospel of the death of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection from the grave to pay the penalty for my sins giving me forgiveness and the gift of eternal life in Heaven. Quotes
Ptr. Martin

Quotes In 1987, I was reading in the Gospel of Mathew, and I forgot to eat lunch; instead I went to sleep on a bench inside the Church. While I was asleep, I dreamed I saw God likened to the face of my Earthly father; His face and eyes were as shiny and bright as sun at noontime. Then, I fell off the bench on to the floor and I could see nothing but the light from God. After a while, I saw the face of my heavenly Father again. His hair was gold, and He was clothed with a white robe. He was holding a golden Bible in his right hand, and He gave it . After He handed the Bible to me, amazingly, it was like a video film, and I saw myself preaching to a crowed of people, teaching and healing them. After I woke up, I cried a lot and said, Lord, I will respond if You will help me, Lord! But why me Lord? Because of You, I will dot it!!! God called me 100% Quotes
Bishop Dan
Dramatic Call

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