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Have you ever wondered what an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher really is? Or,

what are the specific qualifications and processes which one goes through to be deemed

qualified as such within the Church? Have you considered the calling, preparation and

empowerment of the vital ministry gifts of the Church?

Apostle Danilo O. Bantilan, is pleased to offer the opportunity to those who feel the Lord's

calling to authentic, vibrant and anointed Five-Fold Ministry. The School of the Apostles is

presented  courses covering the vital and essential particulars of authentic Five-Fold

Ministry within the Church. Each course is presented in a manner to both inform and to empower

you to boldly serve the Lord and His Church in true, unadulterated Apostolic (Five-Fold) Ministry,

giving you the essential tools and information received by Apostle Chase through study of

the Holy Scriptures and Divine Revelation.

  • Ministry Function of the Apostles
  • Ministry Function of the Prophets 
  • Ministry Function of the Evangelist
  • Ministry Function of the Pastor
  • Ministry Function of the Teacher.

Apostle Bishop Danilo O. Bantilan has received a Divine Mandate to restore the authenticity of the Apostolic Faith and Ministry. Our mission is to actively seek out and empower those called and chosen by the Lord our God to operate completely in full Apostolic (Five-Fold) Ministry in authority.

The School of the Apostles is presented as a means of training and empowerment for those called and chosen to the authentic Five-Fold Ministry. Our curriculum is informative, empowering, spiritual, biblically sound and dynamic - reaching those who desire to operate in the fullness of their calling and in accordance with gifting and the Holy Scriptures.

The curriculum is challenging, calling the participant to not only study, but also examine one's self in determining gifts, strengths and weaknesses, which brings about empowerment to serve the Lord in spirit and truth.

Each course covers a specific aspect of authentic Apostolic (Five-Fold) Ministry. Completion of all is required for Apostolic Commission through Apostle Danilo O. Bantilan., Th.D





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